I am a lot like Flo the Waitress. Outspoken, no-nonsense, always have a solution to a problem and I don’t take any junk from anyone ya’ll! I am a former news editor. A current designer, photographer, crafter and cook. I LOVE to cook and create lovely things. When the Truck Driver is home I drag him out to resale shops, thrift shops and yard sales. He loves it. Don’t listen when he tells you he doesn’t, besides he is the one with the pickup truck! As time goes on you will see what I have created from items found on our treasure hunts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a grandmother. Girls Of A Feather is what my granddaughter and I are. She loves sewing, browsing thrift stores and crafting. She currently has a self-portrait on display at our local college. See, Girls Of A Feather! I do love to cook and will post lots of wonderful family recipes that I have collected throughout the years as well as repurposed furniture and other items I have created. I am currently designing the interior for a local a nail salon and its going to be wild! Come back often and always remember to take care and love who you are and what you have accomplished!


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